Cast List for Charlotte's Web

We are pleased to announce the

Cast List For Charlotte's Web the Musical

Fern Arable - Ella Grace Madden

John Arable - Damian Dorn

Martha Arable - Jeanie Miller 

Avery Arable - Jase Jankowski

Homer Zuckerman - Eli Hanley

Edith Zuckerman - Victoria Burns

Wilbur - Jon Erik Tripp

Lurvy - Noah Parker

Templeton - David Barry

Charlotte - Stephanie Clark

Goose - Helena Burton

Gander - Maggie Miller

Sheep - Callie Hanley

Lamb - Brooke Davitt

Bat - Allie Rich

Owl - Alisha Bailey

Farm Animals - Eli Alewine, Zoie Atkinson, Victoria Banks, Lydia Cothran, Maddison McGee, Millie Burdette, Gabby Mondragon

 Reporter/Photographer - Charity Parker

Townspeople - Alyssa Kilgore, Sheilah Williams, Anna Marie Harrison, Valicia Miller

Concessionaire - Zoie Atkinson

Uncle -Valicia Miller

Spectator 1 - Maddison McGee

Spectator 2 - Victoria Banks

Judges - Alisha Bailey, Anna Marie Harrison

First Fairgoer - Sheilah Williams

Second Fairgoer - Charity Parker

Third Fairgoer - Mille Burdett

Fairgoer - Eli Alewine, Allie Rich

Announcer - Alyssa Kilgore

First Spider - Eli Alewine

Second Spider - Lydia Cothran

Third Spider - Gabby Mondragon

Cast for Farce of Nature

We are pleased to announce the Cast List for Farce of Nature

(In Order of Appearance)

Wanelle Wilburn​​​​​—Chanda Price

D. Gene Wilburn​​​​​—Mark Foster

Jenna Sealy​​​​​​—

Maxie Wilburn Suggs​​​​—Carey Turner

Carmine DeLuca​​​​​—Mark Burke

Ty Wilburn—​​​​​​

Lola Barbosa​​​​​—Nicki Collier

Sonny Barbosa—​​​​​Rick Duerr

Roxanne Thorne​​​​​—Sheilah Williams

Congratulations to these actors/actresses! We still need a Stage Manager, and Prop Manager.
I would also consider training future directors. Please contact me at: [email protected]


Ray Stowers, Director