Cast List for Charlotte's Web

We are pleased to announce the

Cast List For Charlotte's Web the Musical

Fern Arable - Ella Grace Madden

John Arable - Robert Harrison

Martha Arable - Chanda Price

Avery Arable - Jase Jankowski

Homer Zuckerman - Eli Hanley

Edith Zuckerman - Victoria Burns

Wilbur - Jon Erik Tripp

Lurvy - Noah Parker

Templeton - David Barry

Charlotte - Stephanie Clark

Goose - Helena Burton

Gander - Maggie Miller

Sheep - Callie Hanley

Lamb - Brooke Davitt

Bat - Allie Rich

Owl - Alisha Bailey

Farm Animals - Eli Alewine, Zoie Atkinson, Victoria Banks, Lydia Cothran, Maddison McGee, Millie Burdette, Gabby Mondragon

Reporter - Jeanie Miller

Photographer - Charity Parker

Townspeople - Alyssa Kilgore, Sheilah Williams, Anna Marie Harrison, Valicia Miller

Concessionaire - Zoie Atkinson

Uncle -Valicia Miller

Spectator 1 - Maddison McGee

Spectator 2 - Victoria Banks

Judges - Alisha Bailey, Anna Marie Harrison

First Fairgoer - Sheilah Williams

Second Fairgoer - Charity Parker

Third Fairgoer - Mille Burdett

Fairgoer - Eli Alewine, Allie Rich

Announcer - Alyssa Kilgore

First Spider - Eli Alewine

Second Spider - Lydia Cothran

Third Spider - Gabby Mondragon


Nick: Chance Jacobs

Bungler: Mark Foster

Ramona: Grace Ashworth

Maggie: Chanda Price

Tommy: Jacob Bell

Darby: Eliza Kate Floyd

Hadley: Grace Harbin

Desmond: Alex King

Eleanor: Valicia Miller

Dr. Rank: Richard Duerr

Nora Dumond: Melodie Gentry

Servers: Hailey Lavergne

Victoria Burns

Callie Hanley

Maitre d' (created character): Owen Burtt

Opening entertainment by Alyssa Kilgore

 For information about tickets check out our web page info or call 706-491-9374

Audition for Farce of Nature - Cast of Characters

Wanelle Wilburn—50ish, wife of D. Gene Wilburn, a determined ball of fire especially towards trying to get romance back in their lives.

D. Gene Wilburn—50ish, owner of Reel ‘Em Inn, a beleaguered, good hearted guy who can’t understand why his pants keep falling down.

Jenna Sealy—30ish, sweet, fresh faced, Ty Wilburn’s girlfriend. Though seemingly innocent, has reached the breaking point after months of waiting for Ty to come home.

Maxie Wilburn Suggs—60ish, D. Gene’s feisty older sister, hearty, no-nonsense country woman. Maxie is battling ageism to resume her career in law enforcement, a task made harder by losing her gun and bullets. But goes “undercover” to protect a gangster in the Witness Protection Program.

Carmine DeLuca—40ish, jittery, wise guy from Chicago’s West Side (with accent), the person Maxie is trying to protect. Carmine is willing to go to any length not to get wacked, including wearing unusual disguises.

Ty Wilburn—30ish, handsome, normally easy-going, more interested in acting than inheriting his Dad’s fishing lodge. He has been working for Lola and has become her boy toy. To escape his possible demise, he is willing to cross dress.

Lola Barbosa—40ish, flashy, sexy, born and bred on Chicago’s West Side (with the accent to prove it). She owns Barbosa’s Prime Rib Tickler, a dinner theatre. But she drives the company van hundreds of miles chasing Ty.

Sonny Barbosa—45ish, rough, tough-as-nails Chicago gangster who has spent the past five years in jail, is in hot pursuit of his wife Lola. It is a bonus that the rat that squealed on him is at the same location. Sonny pulls his gun and “whacks” Carmine, only it is a water gun. Note: appears mostly in second act, but will help backstage the entire play.

Roxanne Thorne—50ish, VP of investment company that D. Gene is hoping will give an infusion of money to help the lodge.   Note: even though only appearing toward end of play, I will need to help backstage during entire play.

For more information about the cast of characters call Ray at 706.376.0594.